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The Power of the Flower Girl

Posted by susan teschon on

So you are assembling your bridal party and have chosen 2 sweet little girls as your flower girls.  What impact will these 2 little ones have on the event?  More than you realize.  They are often the very first "performers" at the wedding.  What they are wearing will often give a little hint as to the wedding colors and theme.  Of course, their cuteness alone is enough to relax everyone and add some lightness to the event.  Will they mess up sometimes?  Sure, but that's what adds personality to the wedding.  Let them be "them".  

    Flower girls should be dressed in the official wedding colors.  Many brides will use a simple ivory or white dress and incorporate the colors by using a satin sash, or a flower crown.  Many of my brides will choose a basic white or ivory leotard and add a tulle skirt in their color.  This makes such a great impact.  The girls feel like they are wearing a princess dress and the leotards can usually be worn again.

     Don't forget about the little details.  Flower crowns are trendy right now and slightly more special than a simple bow or hair clip.  Live flowers are more difficult to wear and fit than artificial, so keep that in mind.  Boys bow ties can also be coordinated.

     Lastly, make them feel special too.  When they do a good job, let them know.  They will most likely have "the jitters" on wedding day.  Maybe assign them little "jobs" to keep them busy and make them feel important.  If you teat them like the important members of the wedding party that they are, then you will get a lot more effort from them. 



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