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Down the Aisle in Style - Creative Bouquet Ideas

Posted by susan teschon on

     So you have selected the PERFECT dress, pure white with a pretty white veil.  But, you are not a "plain white" kinda girl.  You want a way to add a pop of color but still maintain tradition.  Your wedding bouquet is the perfect place to have fun with color/theme.  Most brides will try to tie in their wedding/bridal party colors with bouquet flowers.  Great idea.  Makes everything matchy-matchy.  You could also get a bit more creative and tie in a specific theme too.  

     One of my brides recently had a bouquet made for her destination/beach wedding that included starfish and shells in the bouquet along with sand colored flowers.  So pretty, and unique.  Another bride who was married on Memorial Day weekend, did red/white/blue bouquet to tie in the Patriotic holiday.  

     Also trending now are silk/artificial flower bouquets.  With so much going on that day, fresh flowers can wilt or even fall apart (depending on the flower).  Artificial flowers look just a gorgeous and won't make allergic brides sneeze.  Many brides would like to have it as a keepsake forever.  

     Whatever you do, don't settle for something that you don't truly love.  The bouquet will be in most of your photos.  It should reflect you and your style.



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