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Not your Mamma's Wedding Cakes

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When planning your wedding, the cake is often one of the most important decisions you make.  Today's modern bride makes her own choices that reflect her theme and her taste and what SHE wants to eat at her wedding.  This doesn't always mean a traditional cake.  The wildly popular cupcake has taken it's place in many weddings as the perfect sized dessert.  The infinite variety of flavors and decorations make the cupcake the new wedding cake.  But, it doesn't end there anymore.  Have you thought about cake pops?  How about custom made doughnuts?  Yes, really.  Maybe cake pops and chocolates?  This heath conscious world we are living in makes many people want to opt for smaller dessert portions.  Smaller portions and little treats save you big bucks too.  The average cost of a traditional 3 tiered wedding cake is $500. 

You can see from this tantalizing post from Bridebug that the new trends include this glitter sprinkle.  Glitter sprinkles make the ordinary, look spectacular.  Real flowers are also a huge trend.  Real flower (you can find many edibles) add that touch of nature's beauty that cannot be replicated.  Think about real fruits too.  

Wedding cakes don't have to be white anymore either.  Think about your wedding party colors and flowers and come up with a design that reflects that vision.  No matter what your budget, you can make it work.

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