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Patriotic Themed Wedding Ideas

Posted by susan teschon on

Summer is high wedding season.  Everyone knows this.  Stuck on choosing the perfect theme?  There are 3 Patriotic American Holidays in summer: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.  Theme = found!  What better and brighter way to celebrate your special day than with red, white, and blue.  


The white wedding dress is your starting point.  Do bridesmaids in red or navy.  Flowers in all 3 colors.  Everybody matches.  You can go all out and use flags everywhere.  That's what I would do as I Love the American Flag in all its glory.

Or, do a lower scale theme with hints of those colors throughout your event.

"Patriotic" also coordinates really well with a Barn wedding or Rustic-style wedding too.

Don't forget, all of the berries that are in season in summer work perfectly with Patriotic as well.  So, think about the cake/desserts.  Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries are perfect.

Getting married to a service member?  Then you gotta go Patriotic theme.  What a way to honor him(or her).  Throw in fireworks at the reception and you have  real party.

Patriotic is relaxed and comfortable too.   Everyone will feel that and have fun.

Don't forget the details like invitations.



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